Dangerous Sex Offenders Will Be Held Indefinitely

The legal system appears to be doing one right thing by ruling that dangerous sex offenders be kept inside indefinitely.  As we reported in April, they had already been keeping Washington state’s on McNeil Island indefinitely once they completed their stay in prison.  But, now the entire country can go about preparing islands or simply keeping them inside forever.  But again, I digress, and plead for an even harsher sentence of death.  The compromised spirit of young children has to be the worst crime imaginable.  They are defenseless and impressionable and these creatures take their love and use it against them to destroy them.  And we PAY to keep them on a respirator somewhere indefinitely?

NO! If you harm a child in this way, the sentence should be death.  The Supreme Court justice ruling to keep what they deem “dangerous” sex offenders inside indefinitely is up to a parole board who may not see someone as dangerous that should very well be kept behind bars (or put to death).  The time for leniency has been removed in their decision to keep them indefinitely, but there’s factors, like this one, that worry me.

How about if they are kept indefinitely they have to work in the sewers and landfills removing the trash and sticky icky every moment they’re awake?  Or what if they add that when they go back inside for the day, they have to clean up behind all the other inmates before they go to bed?  Something more has to be added to this penalty rather than we pay to keep the worst people imaginable alive.

Read more on the Supreme Court’s decision here.

-J.C. Brooks

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