Teacher Loses It On 13-Year Old Student

In late April, a Houston charter school teacher left students confused and horrified by her actions against one of their classmates.  The students thought the teacher was playing around, but things immediately got very serious once she pounced on 13-year old Isaiah Johnson.

According to the boy’s mother, Alesha Johnson, the boy’s science teacher, Sherri Davis, saw him through a window appearing to fight a girl in the room.  The students were put in an empty room to wait after they took a test where Johnson and one of the girls in the room got into a war of words over him teasing her.  But, once Davis saw them, she came into the room ready to box.

Apparently, the boy was left with bruises on his body and a black eye, but is doing fine now.  An amateur video was shot of the incident from one of the student’s cell phones.  The video footage was used by the faculty to make a final decision to terminate Ms. Davis.   But his mom wants blood.

The school, Jamie’s House Charter School, is specifically for children with disciplinary problems.   Based on that information, which has been left out of a lot of reports, these teachers are probably always looking for an opportunity to kick one of their asses.  he just ended up in her crosshairs.

Check out the report:

4 thoughts on “Teacher Loses It On 13-Year Old Student”

  1. Disgusting.

    Most teachers are losers.

    Here’s proof. This one was one of the “better” ones at a charter school. The ones in the regular public schools must be off the chanin then.

    They are not the best and the brightest…clearly.

    Two steps from prison, this one.

    Shame. Our kids deserve better.

    And if any teachers are thinking of responding, save it. Take that precious time to increase your knowledge and get better at your job so kids can learn and pass necessary tests–like the ones your biological kids pass with no problem…interesting how you can’t impart that in a classroom.

    But you can be violent with no issue.

    Fire them all. All. Start again.

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