Married Couples Dating Service Jumps After Mother’s Day

Let’s just start with “Married Couples Dating Service” sounds wrong…reallllly wroooong.  Doesn’t it?  Well, if that sounds wrong, you’re really going to have a problem with the next part of this story.  The site,, was first introduced to us when we ran the story about a Rhode Island radio station that had to stop running their controversial ads. Now, they are boasting an overflow of clients the day after Mother’s day.  What gives?  Why is their an influx of people looking to get hooked up while they are already carrying around a ball and chain? 

It appears that the most popular days for the site have been New Year’s day, the day after Valentine’s Day, and now, the day after Mother’s Day.  The site had an unusual influx of ladies looking for the hook up this year.   According to, they saw 31,427 women run to the site the day after Mother’s day.  Last year, they saw 24,000.  Women must be treated worse and worse every year because clearly these numbers represent unhappy women.

Why would married women run to a dating site specifically tailored to their needs if they were happy?  There’s some really crazy stories out there about what happens during these holidays.  Read here so you can feel good about what you have at home…or so you know where to go to get the hook-up.

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