Dollar Stores Take Over Major Retailers, Grocers

If Dollar stores ever had a short list of customers it’s only because they weren’t aware of the merchandise available for a dollar.  Some people didn’t even believe that everything inside the dollar stores was just a dollar when they got inside.  But now that the recession is kicking every economic and education level of people in the pockets, the dollar store chains have started to see a major influx of customers.

MSNBC reports on the middle class to upper middle class that are also finding their bargains at the dollar store chains since a lot of them lost their shirts in stocks and other investment schemes.  The Family Dollar chain is a different kind of dollar store.  They say “The Family Dollar” meaning cheaper for your family’s dollars, but everything is not one dollar, but economical enough to court most.

They have added more brand names to increase their appeal during the recession and have had serious success with their business plan.  Dollar Tree is also stepping up to meet the needs of their new customers. They’ve changed their stock to add “more necessities,” other than  last minute party items and gift bags. 

Check out how the dollar stores are changing the game of retail here.

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