Walmart Steps Up Their Charitable Efforts by $2 Billion

Walmart has been under fire for the treatment of their employees, so they are doing big things to improve their image.  They are going up and beyond the call of duty, so they may be involved in more dirt than we know.  The retail behemoth is settling a class action lawsuit out of California against them for $86 million dollars and on the same day announced their doubled donation to the food crisis in America.

According to MSNBC, since the recession, food stamps have jumped to 1 in 8 recipients.  The food banks are overflowing from new families showing up everyday.  Now, Walmart is jumping up to do their part to help out.  They are offering $2 billion in a 5-year period along with 1.1 billion pounds of food.   

Middle America is suffering with  jobs being depleted on all levels of experience and education.  Places like Walmart can really help in the battle to feed the nation’s children and families in times that we thought we would’ve never experienced.  Last year Walmart gave $21 million to help with the food crisis and 116.1 million pounds of food.  They have increased annually since 2008.

Read more here on how they will help and how others have been helping

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