Britain’s Got Talent…Again!

Janey Cutler, 81

The British are over there pumping out the unfathomable talents in people.  Now an 81-year old grandma throws her hat in the ring with the show. Janey Cutler is old enough to be the last sensation, Susan Boyle’s, mother.  Boyle sold 8 million copies of her debut album and Cutler has an explosive voice as well.

Cutler is a recently widowed Scottish woman who has finished raising her seven children and is now seeking more adventure.  She walked out on to the stage fragile, but strong willed.  When one of the judges asked her where she had been, she responded, “Just in my wee pubs and clubs.”  She likes to sing and is known around her community of  Wishaw, Scotland.

Now she’ll be known all over the world. Check her out.

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