Betty White Successfully Hosted SNL

Betty White had an extremely successful night hosting the night time comedy king of shows, Saturday Night Live.  She was in most of the skits and she appeared to have a great time.  The 88.5 year old is back and better than ever.  She hasn’t really been seen much since Golden Girls.  How she decided to burst back on the scene at nearly 90 years old is truly amazing.

There’s so many people out there that couldn’t revive their careers with jumper cables and here is Betty White, out of nowhere, blindsiding Hollywood with her unparalleled wit.  She could give a few pointers to people like Cuba Gooding on reviving careers.  Suddenly after he received his Oscar, he became a comedic actor.   Or maybe I’m the one confused.  But, I could’ve swore he won his Oscar for the role he played in Jerry Maguire.  How did that get misconstrued into a slew of slapstick roles like Boat Trip, Snow Dogs, and Daddy Day Camp, to name a few.

Check her out.   She really handled them like the pro that she is and gave the cast a few pointers.

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