Video: Woman Left to Die at Sea 50 Years Ago Tells All in New Book

Tere Duperrault Fassbender, now 61, on a raft at age 11.

Tere Duperrault Fassbender has lived a life of unimaginable horror and disbelief.  She is the sole survivor of a family trip gone awry 50 years ago.  This woman, at age 11 went on a family trip out to sea with her family.  Her mother, brother, sister and father all went out for a day on a boat called The Blue Bell.  The ship’s captain and his wife were passengers on the boat as well.  The boat would not make it back to shore, but Fassbender did.

Fassbender went down with the ship, but found a raft once the boat began to sink.  Her entire family on board dead, she had to find a way to survive.  The boat was going down.  She stayed out at sea in shark infested waters for 3 days before the coast guard found her.  But it’s a miracle that anyone ever looked for her because the captain thought everyone was dead when he went to shore on a dingy and recanted the story of complete misery.  He told reporters that the ship had caught on fire and killed everyone inside.  So naturally, he would be the sole survivor right?  Going down with the ship and all…right?

Well, it turns out that the real story was that Captain Julian Harvey, a golden boy and one time test pilot, was a suspected sociopath.  He thought that he was the sole survivor, but a little girl had survived.  When he found out she had been rescued, he went to a hotel room and killed himself.  He had killed Fassbender’s whole family and his wife and left her to die in the ocean alone. 

She has written a book about the ordeal and was on the Today show to talk about it.  Check her out:

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