Jokey Joke: Mr. T Happy Mother’s Day Rap

If you weren’t sure we didn’t love all of our readers, you have to know we are your biggest fans with this one.  This is our way of showing all the mothers out there that we are really trying to ensure you have a great Mother’s Day.  Because Mother’s Day could not possibly be complete without a special presentation from Mr. T.  In the opening skit, you’ll see Bumper Robinson, who young people may notice from the popular sports sitcom, The Game.  But, others remember from shows like Amen and later A Different World.

If you’re over 40, you should remember this and how popular it was.  Now, looking back, I can’t remember if it was popular for the song or the sheer hilarity of it all.  Mr. T even wore his traditional tube socks for this one.  So, since he put all this time and effort into this, please mothers everywhere, have a blessed, safe, and hilarious MOTHER’S DAY!  Enjoy!  And kids, TREAT YOUR MOTHER RIGHT!

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