Video: Grandmother Goes to Jail for Smacking Granddaughter

What kind of bull shiggidy is going on when police respond to the call of a disgruntled young person who has been disciplined by their own family member?  Okay, it’s one thing for them to show up and the child is either severly malnourished or beaten beyond recognition, but if the person is complaining they got smacked in the mouth for talkin’ smack??  The police officer should’ve told grandma to smack her ass again and don’t call 911 for this crap again. 

In the hood, you can’t get them to respond to gun play, but they are responding to this neighborhood for a smack?  Wow!  We could bleed to death in the hood from a stray bullet, but this chick gets a squad car to come out and not only show up, but hustle her grandmother to the ground and arrest her.   It’s unreal.  Then, this will be the same girl you see on one of those shows like Jerry Springer, Maury Povich or Intervention all because her grandmother was not allowed to discipline her.

But you know what grandma said when she was asked if she would smack her down again?  HELL YES!

-J.C. Brooks

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