Major Syphilis Outbreak in China

Syphilis is running rampid in China’s largest city of Shanghai. The numbers are rising high and fast and the chinese scientific community say they may know the culprits behind it.  There seems to be a lot of Chinese men on the down low.   According to the New England Journal of Medicine, prostitution,  downlow sex of married men with gay men is overflowing. 

MSNBC is reporting that every hour a child is born with syphilis in China.  If that isn’t a call to action, what is?  So far it is evident through this report and countless others that down low sex is killing China’s people.  The cure is simple.  A little shot of penicilin clears everything up, but so many go undetected.  Sound familiar?  Yes, the U.S. has it’s problems, but Syphilis isn’t on the rise just yet.

Read here to see what measures if any China is using to comat the epidemic.

3 thoughts on “Major Syphilis Outbreak in China”

  1. So these dudes bend over, take it in the azz and catch syphilis. DL dudes here do the same and get AIDS!!!! Hmmmm, if the latter disease was that easy to get rid of …….

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