Jokey Joke: Who Let the Dogs Out?!

We have GOT to make a WTF file.  This picture you’re getting ready to see tops the lady with the dogs on her chest.  That’s just an example of the bizarre level of flick you’re really going to see.  It appears to have been taken in a club.  Now, the only problem is they allow naked people and barefoot folks inside the establishment.  Even more disturbing is the bear you will see in low rider jeans.  Impossible, right?  You’ll see!

This truly is a sight for sore eyes…YUCK!  Why do friends allow friends to dress drunk?  Apparently, the fashion statement the bear is trying to make has something to do with plumbing.  This is the craziest picture we’ve seen in a while.  If you know her, please talk to this person about fashion choices. Thanks!  And if you have anymore pictures of her from any different angles, please spare us the horror of seeing them.  It is our sincere hope that no one was caught in a “Back that thing up” crisis situation.

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