Catholics Debate Whether to Defrock for Sex Offenses

The catholic faith is in a miserable state.  The priests and their fellow brethren are ringing their hands over the policies of the church when it comes to disciplining the priests for their sexual deviancy that has thrown the entire catholic faith into a major tailspin financially and spiritually … if there were ever spirit in it. 

 The catholic church officials are trying to figure out if they should “laicerize” the priests or not.  And in case you don’t know the meaning of “laicerize,” it isn’t what you might think it is.  I’d love to see them laser something off of them though.

The term means that they are defrocked, kicked out, radically dismissed from the faith.  But the problem is … that they are largely disciplined within the catholic church when they are charged with sex crimes that cannot be legally prosecuted  because the time has past for that to be possible.  Some of the crimes were committed so long ago that they can’t be charged with anything, so it’s up to the catholic church to discipline the priest.  But, if they defrock them, they are not under church jurisdiction either.

Serious catch 22, huh?  Well, the clock is ticking inside the vatican and they are going to have to figure something out. What are the options to this dilemma.  Read here to see what they are trying to do with the predicament they’re in.

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