Bomb in Times Square Thwarted and Man Arrested

The car bomb scare that rocked New York City is now under control with the arrest of  Faisal Shahzad who allegedly left the scene changing his shirt.  But, that is not the only thing he did.  He left a lot of evidence behind that points the finger at him.  The final nail in his coffin was the video that was submitted by a civilian to authorities.

According to MSNBC, Shahzad was also on his way to Dubai when arrested in New York’s Kennedy airport.  It appears that the explosives inside a Nissan Pathfinder were set on fire but somehow he allegedly failed to detonate the vehicle’s bomb in Times Square.  The White House is certain this was a terrorist attack and plans to move along those lines.

Read here to get to know Shahzad and find out what the White House has in store for him.

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