Video: Black Soldiers Honored ‘For Love of Liberty’

African American soldiers are rarely represented or profiled in any movies or documentaries that talk about the patriotic and/or soldiers of the United States.  We have not been privy to the history of black soldiers fighting valiantly for the country…before now.  There is a new film, Frank Martin’s “For Love of Liberty”, that takes us on a journey through American History, all the way to Crispus Atticks (first casualty and black soldier to die in the American Revolution in 1770) to present. Continue reading

Video: Indians Pitcher Gets Knocked Out By A-Rod

David Huff knocked out by A-Rod hit.

In Saturday’s game, the New York Yankees came just a little too hard against the Cleveland Indians.  Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, was at the plate for the Yankees when David Huff wound up for the Cleveland Indians with what must’ve been a boomerang ball.

A-Rod cracked it Continue reading

Farrakhan’s Security vs. President Obama’s

President Obama flew his family home to Chicago for the Memorial day weekend.  He obviously wanted to be comfortable and get a little relaxation for the holiday, but of course he keeps a routine.  He went for an 80-minute workout first thing in the morning and on to something else.  But later on, he was ready for barbecue.

As he went to Marty Nesbitt’s home (a close friend and neighbor), there was  a little back and forth going on Continue reading

Glenn Beck Mocks President Obama’s Daughter

Glenn Beck is such a waste of air, space, and energy.  Fox has to keep him on there network though because he’s the true definition and lifeblood of the network’s news programming.  He has yet to have anything of note to say, but then he overstepped his boundaries the other day by talking using President Obama’s daughter Malia as a part of a joke.

He is mocking her having a conversation with her Daddy about the oil leak and why he hates black people?  Continue reading

American Academy of Pediatrics FINALLY Condemns Female Circumcision

The American Academy of Pediatrics has put its final foot down about the female circumcision surgery that includes young women having the inner or outer labia sewn together and/or “excising the entire clitoris or part of the clitoris.  African countries as well as middle eastern cultures are known to practice this unnecessary ritual that is supposed to mark a girl coming into womanhood.

According to CNN “the AAP stated the group will not condone doctors to provide any kind of ‘clitoral nick.’ The AAP also clarified nicking Continue reading

Video: Woman Left Sleeping on Locked Plane

When people travel, a lot of times, they are so tired they plan on using the train, plane, or bus ride for sleeping.  They get in, adjust themselves and its lights out!  Well, this woman will probably never do that again.  Ginger McGuire was on a United Express flight from D.C. to Philadlephia when she realized she had slept through the flight, drinks, snacks, and it was nearly 4am. Continue reading

A Detroit Blast from the Past…The Scene!

This is a real shout out to Detroit.  With all the mayhem, devastation, and death the media claims to be running the city right now, here is something that hollers back to the “olden days” of the city.  This was a time when jobs were plentiful and Mayor Coleman Young was still alive to see the city being run with love.  The city has its own local television and radio station, channel 62 and 107.5 WGPR.  And after you got off at the plant, you could hear MOJO, one of the baddest DJ’s ever to spin a record on the radio.  But on the TV channel, you were privy to The Scene, the local dance show hosted by none other than the infamous Nat Morris.  Young people gathered to show off their best moves, clothes and be entertained by the latest local group or national sensation. Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Oprah Ends Angel Network/Mariah Pulls Out on Tyler Perry

Everyone knows by now that Oprah Winfrey has decided to wrap her show up in June of 2011.  So, for now, she’s doing everything she can to end things that might have any tie to the show.  The charity (or outreach project) she founded in 1998, The Angel Network, is closing its doors for good as well.  To the dismay of all those who have been helped by it or have worked for it, the Network will be closing up shop as well. She has chosen to end the network, but Continue reading