Who Is the Pine-Sol Lady?

Diane Amos

The Pine-Sol lady has one of the most familiar faces that we do not know.  In other words, who is she?  Diane Amos is a film and television star that you may notice from cameo type roles in movies like: Nine Months, Patch Adams, and Legally Blonde to name a few.

But now, she’s the envy of women everywhere in the newest Pine-Sol commercials where a muscular guy comes in and mops her floor for her while she lays across her bed.  Surely she’s enjoying the newer commercials.  But, she has not always been the envy of anyone.  At one time, she was charged with going along with “the program.” 

There are some who feel Pine-Sol, including her as the spokesperson, perpetuates negative stereotypes.  But she, obviously, does not see it that way.  She was quoted in an article saying, ““Why does it have to be Aunt Jemima? Why can’t I be Etta James at home, or Ella Fitzgerald on her off time? Why do I have to be held up to what they’re still calling a stereotype?”

Read more about her here and check out her latest work:

2 thoughts on “Who Is the Pine-Sol Lady?”

  1. I saw another commercial that I did not appreciate. The women who use Pine Sol would better appreciate the original commercial with the shirtless man mopping her floor. This is a turn-on; it actually works. The commercial I saw 5/20/2010 look more like a collection agent or white shirt repo guy coming for a prostitute. Take note: Women who use PineSol don’t think “pink” — please discontinue this commercial. It is now OK for straight black women and men to love each other; rather than white shirt making a booty call. Give a sista some hope.

    — Saphire.

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