Video: ‘Booty Pop’ Falls Flat

If you have been one of the many unfortunate people to see the latest “as shown on television” invention, “Booty Pop”, then we feel your pain.  Whoever the company is that is shoveling this manure needs to be ashamed of themselves.  This stuff is made by the same snake oil salesman that brought women such gems as:  Titie 2000, Hair In a Jiffy and Hips Be Gone.  But if you have not seen it, well, we simply must induct you into our elite group.   But don’t take it as a slight, consider this a public service announcement.

We are embarking on one of the most important ventures of the EUR This N’ That, and that is to warn the masses against the obvious false advertisement of the Booty Pop!  If you see a chick with two humps in her bump that look like she’s hiding dinosaur eggs in her back pocket, then you know…IT AIN’T REAL FELLAS!  It’s Booty Pop.

Remember the Cosby Show episode when Rudy’s friend brought over the chest cream to grow her little boobies in time for school the next week?  Well, if you spread some of her cream on your butt, add some peanut butter and jelly then slip on a Booty Pop you might have a chance of …getting your money back!  Because nothing is going to happen.  See for yourself.

-J.C. Brooks

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