Skip Gates Argues Slavery Africans Fault?

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates

Professor Skip Gates has long attempted to bring light to the truth of slavery.  And that truth is that Africans are the reason that slavery exists in the first place. 

But, then he brings up reparations as a fuzzy issue.  All because “elite Africans” sold other Africans into slavery.  Well, the other part of this argument has to do with context.

Let’s get a little more technical about the sales.  The beginning of slavery is documented in various historic sources between the 16th and 17th centuries.  According to the United Nations, the trans-atlantic slave trade was ended March 25, 1807.   During and after that time, slaveholders breeded slaves and the Africans had less to little to nothing to do with the process by that time.

But what happened to Africans once they were sold and who had the means to bring them here to get a return on their monies…Europeans.

So when the topic of reparations is introduced into the conversation, it does have relevance as it pertains to slavery….just not as it pertains to African Americans and the billions of dollars made during that time and has continued to support their families.

Read more of his ideas here.

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