Detroit Strip Club Owner Caught with 14-Year Old

A young lady comes to your bar, applies for a job stripping and you let her.  Now you’ve looked at her every which way and give her the job.  Something about her has to set off a few bells and whistles.  But, no, you swallow those thoughts and go straight to thoughts of all the money she’s going to make for you because she’s so youthful and pretty.

Andrew Huston, 31, is a little too young to make choices like turning away a 14-year old stripper, but he’s the owner of the club.  All Stars is on one of Detroit’s main streets, Eight Mile Rd., where rapper Eminem was brought up. 

Well, it wasn’t until her mama went to the club and started yelling and ripping the runway to get to her did she stop.  According to FOX News, She was making $350 per week.  Made you change your mind and see the story more vividly now right? For 14 year old dcuuz

Read more here about Detroit’s favorite pastime.

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