Don’t Use 911 for Pick-Up Service

If you’re under the influence it might seem normal to call for assistance if you’re “down.”  But, you might want to use that same clarity to wise up and think before calling 911 to your drunken state.  A woman, Quandria Bailey, 28, unfortunately did not come to her senses before she made the call.

Bailey, a New Haven, Conn. resident, was out getting her liquour level up, when she thought to herself, “Self! time to go home!”  But, that was the only reasoning that made sense.  She then did the responsible thing…called 911.  I mean, come on!  She had all of the qualifications for the call:  disorderly conduct, preventing a horrible accident getting ready to occur, and drunk enough to think the first two qualifications was reason for a pick-up.

Read here to see what the New Haven police thought about the call.  For some reason, I think you already know they didn’t find it amusing, nor cause for a slap on the wrists…well, with the exception of the handcuffs.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Don’t Use 911 for Pick-Up Service”

  1. DANG! Her Mom must have been drunk when she came up with that name 🙁 I mean, what is the reasoning for picking such dumb names? I bet that isn’t even the original spelling! Goodness. LaRashida, LaQuanita, Pookie, Rashalima
    Shabinika, Shaquanikia, LakaReesha etc.

    Too funnee these names! HA!

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