Black Male Serial Killer Judge Removed from Case

Anthony Sowell, 50

Remember the serial killer, Anthony Sowell, from Cleveland, Oh., we reported on November 2, 2009?  Well, he’s back in the news because the latest update to his case is that the judge has been thrown out of the court room.  Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold had a little problem with the Cleveland Plain Dealer regarding information for the Sowell case and his attorneys, John P. Parker and Rufus Sims, felt that made her bias to the case.

Sowell, 50, is accused of killing 11 women and sexually assaulting and injuring others.  He left the bodies to rot in his home and the people of the Cleveland neighborhood where he lived thought the smell that was reaking from their neighborhood was a local meat business.  The horrible truth was that the stinch was coming from his home.  Judge Saffold gave information to the press regarding the case during November and she is presently suing the paper in a civil suit.

All of Judge Saffold’s trouble with the paper and the information supplied gave Chief Justice Paul E. Pfeifer no choice but to rule in favor of Parker and Sims and now the case will be held up longer.  Please get it together over there!  We need this fool put up under the jail as early as possible.

Read here for further details.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. this is weird to see this story run across the country. I live in Cleveland and know of this neighborhood. My dad lived right around the corner from this person’s house and went to that corner store that sits right at the corner of this person’s street. Scary stuff. I’m not too far from this neighborhood and it’s still horrible just knowing that a person like this lived in your neighborhood. hell, there may be others like him and we just never know…you never know who’s living in your ‘hood or what’s happening in their homes!!!

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