Lane Bryant Lingerie Ads Rejected by ABC?

The plus-size models of tomorrow are not getting the love that the average size lingerie lines are getting on television.  ABC  “looked over” Lane Bryant as a possible ad for them, but then declined and gave the lists of the other companies they would be using this spring.  The Limited Brands (which owns Lane Bryant), submitted a statement realizing they had been treated unfairly.

” The Victoria’s Secret ads, which had aired on Dancing With the Stars prior to the date our ad was rejected were not subject to the same restrictions.  We have records of their ads airing in earlier time slots,” the Lane Bryant spokesman said.

In a nutshell, it appears that ABC feels that the plus sized woman is not as attractive and they would rather she stay up under a rock during high viewership like when “Dancing With the Stars” is on.  ABC is denying it has cheated them in any way.  They say that the ads were a little much for the time slot that they would’ve been seen in.  They say that Lane Bryant are publicity hogs looking to make a big something out of nothing to have all eyes on them right now.

Check out the catfight here.

2 thoughts on “Lane Bryant Lingerie Ads Rejected by ABC?”

  1. The sistah on the left has some rightous thickness. She is fine and has a body type of many black women. There are few times when the “race card” is appropriate but, this is one of them. Since black and Latina women are more likely to have this body type, banning this ad is defacto discrimination against these two groups. The Centers for Disease Control has stats on obesity and AA and Latina women.

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