Cornell University Africana Director Under Fire for ‘Black B’ Remark

Prof. Grant Farred

The campus of Cornell University is beside themselves with the fact that the Director of their Africana Studies and Resource Center (ASRC), Grant Farred, inadvertently referred to two female black graduate students/advisees as “black bitches.”  Now, the $1 million dollar question on everyone’s mind is when did it become okay to refer to young black women as “black bitches?”  Well, Mr. Farred is under the impression that he has the answer. 

Back in February, Fareed invited his two advisees to a conference at the University of Rochester entitled “Theorizing Black Studies: Thinking Black Intellectuals.”  The two of them arrived late and then well, Farred then proved that he was neither abreast on the topic nor qualified to be in attendance as a thinking black intellectual.

Farred came over where they were and thanked them for making it to the conference.   But followed it with a hushed voice saying, “When you both walked in, I thought, ‘Who are these black bitches?’  NOW! BLACK WOMEN! Does that sound like something you should take offense to?  Because you know, all black women call themselves that all the time anyway.  

He has been suspended as the director of the ASRC and uninvited to the 40 year celebration of the ASRC.  But the students and some faculty want to see him fired from his job calling the incident both “sexist” and “racist”.  The jury is still out…what do YOU think?  Read the full story here.

4 thoughts on “Cornell University Africana Director Under Fire for ‘Black B’ Remark”

  1. Is he gay? If so he may have thought he was being one of the gurls. The article did say used a “hushed” voice. He probably did it with a smile thinking nothing of it (if he is gay). Gay folks use that terms so loosely around other women (as well as gurlfriends amongst themselves), he probably thought nothing of it. You can’t just say that to people you don’t know and apparently he didn’t know these two.

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