Jokey Joke: Fox News Meets Match in Jon Stewart (Video)

Fox News is a republican/conservative dream for media information, but the only problem is that they don’t live in the real world with the rest of us.  Their take on everything in the world is clowded by “their” vision of a perfect world, pre-civil war, with no civil rights movement or advancement by minorities that would have to be heard in any capacity. 

Jon Stewart regularly calls them on their shenanigans and they thought they were going to fire off at him in response to his “Go F…yourself!” comments directed to Fox.  They are often coy about their actions, yet Stewart has a way of yanking them out of their insincere shells.  And it was the last straw when Fox Contributor Bernie Goldberg told Stewart to “Find some guts!”  As they say in the hood…..IT WAS ONNNNNN!  Check it out.

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