Disneyland Shuns Mother and Daughter for Princess Look

Natasha Narula and daughter Drew dressed for Disneyland-France.

France’s Disneyland has a strict dress code.  You can’t roll up in there all willy nilly dressed like Cinderella or Snow White.  Nooooo!  Someone might confuse you with the characters.  Well, I could go with that if I was able to somehow look at this woman, Ms Natasha Narula, 35, and her daughter Drew, 8, who hail from Coventry in northern England, and see the resemblance.  Narula and her daughter knew for sure they were on their way to an unforgettable day.  But it’s too bad it ended up being a day they won’t forget for other reasons.

Once they got to the entrance, they were informed that they would have to change their clothes for admittance.  They couldn’t  come in wearing gowns with puffy sleeves, and tiaras, basically impersonating princess/fairies.  Narula even thought they might be playing a trick on her because it was April Fool’s Day.  She spoke with management, but to no avail, they were still turned away.

She finally went back to her hotel room for a wardrobe change.  Check out the full story here.

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