Black Woman Quits Job to Find a Husband

Julia Yarbrough

Julia Yarbrough is a woman on a mission.  She wants to find her a man this time and keep him, but it seems that she’s already started making some classic “no no’s” in her quest for the man.  I don’t know if anyone told Julia Yarbrough, but today’s men really don’t find unemployed women anymore attractive than women find unemployed men attractive.  But, nonetheless, she took off with her BFF, Silva Harapetian, to find a man.  Another flag!  She not only has a girlfriend to bounce all his faults off of once she goes to interview said potential mate, but she’s bringing her along for the ride. 

Yarbrough, 44, was a successful television anchor and reporter for over 20 years  in Miami, Fl.  But, she decided to scrap all of that, quit her job and hit the open road on a quest to find her man.  Now how long is this process going to take, we don’t know, but she’s willing to give it some time and she’s not restricting herself to black men.  Now the BFF and her are blogging about their dating experiences.  Harapetian was a reporter in Detroit who was laid off.  She figures she can have a good time and get a man while she looks for a job. 

Jacquie Reid gave the numbers on the TJMS saying that 43 percent of African American women have yet to be married in comparison to 23 percent of white women, according to a yale study.  There are 1.8 million more African American women than black men and Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies say that by the age of 30 only 50 percent may be married.  She doesn’t want to be a statistic and she’s taking the dating scene by the reins.

Jay Anthony Brown is cynical about the whole thing saying that this is going to be a reality show.  He figures this is a major hustle.  If you want to follow her on her journey check her out here:

You can listen to the interview with her and Jacquie Reid on the TJMS here on Tuesday’s show, April 20.

11 thoughts on “Black Woman Quits Job to Find a Husband”

  1. I agree with the writer Julia Yarbrough is definitely going about this the wrong way. It screams desperate in my opinion so sad 🙁 No only did she quit her job she is man hunting. Men are hunters by nature I would never take that away from a man. Let the man find you.

  2. Well, good luck on your quest. And Jackie is the last one to spar with about finding a man cuz that woman so desperate she probably wish that April fools joke was true about her and J. Anthony Brown. She should get a razzie award for Desperately Seeking the D_ _k! Check her out on that Peppa show, on the first date she asking about marriage–wrong move Jackie. She gonna end up with the wrong dude and he gonna walk all over her cuz she gonna be so glad she got Mrs in front of her name she won’t even care. Tawk about pressed!! Oh, and Jackie please don’t look in the ATL cuz you gonna really be in trouble then with your pressed self.

  3. I usually lurk on Eurweb in the mornings, but this article brought me out of lurkmode.

    To be frank and direct, Ms. Yarborough is a fool for this! In these trying economic times, you mean to tell me she gave up a successful 20 year journalism career-a career in itself is so hard to 1) Break into and 2)Maintain to find a husband??? Where do they do this at?

    I’m pretty damn sure that Ms. Yarborough and those like her go to the NABJ coventions every year. Those events are just a big ‘ol hang, and I know its possible to mix business and pleasure there.

    This reeks of desparation for d*ck and dough. Watch it become a reality show on Centric or TV1!

  4. Wow. Jealous much??
    I live in S. Fla and I watched Julia all the time. I saw how hard it was for her to make the decision to leave her job, but it was obviously something that she really wanted to do. I fully support her in this endeavor. She’s worked extremely hard for the last 20+ years so I say good on her to have the courage to take this on. This trip seems to me more like a voyage of self discovery and if they end up meeting someone, so be it. It’s not a “desparation for d*ck and dough”(sic) trip…just because that’s something that would appeal to your sensibilities doesn’t mean that Julia and Silva are out there shagging everything in sight, and if they were what business is it of yours?
    Let them have some fun, enjoy this wonderful county and I hope they meet the men of their dreams!

  5. I dont think what shes doing is desperate at all, au contraire it proves much determination to find a good man who loves and respects her. All the women scorning her behavior sure have gone out of their way to go clubbing and be into the casual scene, well i guess she will have more than a c u m stain on her sheets the next morning , a great husband.If want something you have to look for it , im sure you wouldnt be here if your parents were all passive about each other. Things dont fall from the sky you know . Lots of credit to this woman!

  6. The heading was enough to read, but after reading the rest I’m convinced that she’s either the DUMBEST chick in the world, or she’s already signed a TV and/or book deal. I know I’m not the only man who would be drastically turned off after talking to her about the decision to quit her job. I can’t think of a decent man in the universe who would want this woman, as she’s already displayed being prone to horribly bad decisions. It’s not a desperate move, just a really, REALLY stupid one.

  7. May I simply say what a relief to find someone who actually understands what they’re talking about online. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people should look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular because you surely have the gift.

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