Native Zambian Author Against ‘Dead Aid’ to Africa

Dambisa Moyo

A new author has taken an interesting, not to mention unpopular, take on the aid that is being given to the continent of Africa in the name of the Africans, but with the face of celebrity.  Bono of the rock group U2, is one of the biggest celebrities consistently pandering for monies to donate to Africans throughout the continent.

Dambisa Moyo is a former bonds broker for Goldman Sachs in London that has penned the new book “Dead Aid” to enlighten the masses about what she sees as a backward answer to the condition of her native continent.  She is not a fan of celebrities pan handling in the name of the poor Africans that she feels may be detached from the people with the exception of photo ops.

She spoke with the New York Times about her convictions and the premise of her book.  Interviewer Deborah Solomon asked Moyo if she had ever met Bono and her reply was, “Yes, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last year. It was at a party to raise money for Africans, and there were no Africans in the room, except for me.”,

According to the NYT, Moyo holds advanced degrees in public policy and economics from Harvard and Oxford.  She believes that capitalism may work better than aid.  That the people are irreversibly broke of motivation and she suggests that rather than throwing money at the people give them a job.  Hmmmmmmm…interesting.  Something we seem to agree with right here in America.  Most everyone wants a job, but where is one?

Read here for more on Ms. Mayo.  You may find that you agree with her idea of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him one.  Right about now, most in America would go for free job training as well.

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