Jennifer Hudson Enjoys Her New Size (Video)

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson has her Weight Watcher’s campaign up and running.  She’s looking better than ever and she’s giving the “new life choice” a chance.  In her interview with AP she said, “Learning Weight Watcher’s and their way… this is a good way of how I would want my child to be brought up.  Because so many times in growing up you gain really bad habits … bad eating habits, so I wanna make sure that he’s going into this and I’m being a good example for him.” 

But even while she is happy for the program and all the lifelong tools its given her to maintain her incredible new look, she’s a person who has always proven she’s fine in the skin she’s in. “I’m just as comfortable as I was however many pounds ago however many sizes ago.  I never really felt pressured to be a size 2 a size 0.  I don’t wanna be that and I will never be that.”   

Jennifer is on fire!  Check her out!

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