Cookbook Snatched for Use of ‘Ground Black People’

Sydney, Australia’s Penguin Group publishing is under fire for a typo.  According to BBC News, The publisher’s cookbook, “Pasta Bible” had 7,000 copies printed before they noticed that one of the recipes, spelt tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto, called for the dish to include “ground black people”.   How could something like THAT be overlooked?  Strange, huh?

Well, Penguin Group’s head of publishing, Bob Sessions, thought that it was a totally “forgivable” mistake on the part of their proofreader saying that proofing a cookbook is an “extremely difficult task.”  He almost takes offense to those who might be offended by the mistake.  He thought that someone being offended by such a mistake was so “silly” that he’d gladly exchange their copy for the newly edited version which is costing them $18,000 to reprint.

If it’s so silly, why take the time and money to reprint it?  Because he knows it’s a repulsive error that he cannot afford NOT to change and reprint.  Australia is no stranger to racism and the struggle of its indigenous people known as aborigines (who are africans) struggle to be treated equally and respected like the native americans of the United States.

Read here for more on the story.

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