A Black Man at the Tea Party? (Video)

Black man Tea Partier, Darryl Postell

They said these people existed, but this is our first sighting, so we thought we’d share it with you.  The Tea Party rallies really don’t seem to be a place for a black man, but Darryl Postell obviously felt quite comfortable.  Even the reporter found it strange, so she thought she’d ask, “Ummmmm, what are you doing here?”

The ideas that they have are so foreign to the black experience and most people with common sense, intelligence and a sense of decorum, it’s hard to figure out what attracts this guy to the function.  I guess he’s anti-Obama too.   Being anti-government makes sense, but what he might not understand is that they’re not anti-government, they’re just anti-democrat and believe that the present government doesn’t support the social order being in favor of the white majority.

Check him out!

3 thoughts on “A Black Man at the Tea Party? (Video)”

  1. Not all black people are the same—have the same ideology. So, don’t be shocked to see a black Republican or black member of the Tea Party. Some place people have a different experience from blacks that struggle, need more government assistance.

    You may not agree with them, but know that they are there and maybe their life experiences have lead them to their ideology. I used to be shocked at the site of black Republicans and peeps like dude above, but I understand now. I’ll try not to judge them as being stupid. They’re not, just different.

  2. “Some place people have a different experience from blacks that struggle, need more government assistance.” (SORRY YA’LL. I MESSED UP THAT SENTENCE.)

    What I meant was, because of life experiences, some black people become conservative. They don’t think like democratic blacks because they did not have the same struggles. Their struggles are different and lead them to have a conservative ideology.

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