Padded Bra Bikini’s Aimed at 7-Year Olds

Example 1: Halloween suit for children called the "Sassy Fairy"

Our babies are being targeted by the money hungry retail industry.  Leading the charge is british retailer Primark.  But they wouldn’t be selling this stuff if parents would show better judgement than to purchase a swimming suit with a padded bra inside for a child.  What kind of ridiculous mess is that?  They want the babies to appear that they have something they know they are not going to be sharing with anyone anytime soon.

But not only are they selling padded bikini tops to seven-year-olds, they are selling BIKINIS to them!  That may be old fashioned of me, but I think it’s horrible to see little girls in bikinis at that age.  Hell!  the grown women that embarrass themselves in them summer after summer is enough.  Very few manage to fill them out properly.

According to MSNBC, Primark was under fire immediately.  Parents and politicians were in an uproar over what they called the “sexualization” of their children.  Primark couldn’t snatch the bikini tops off the shelves fast enough.

Not in the U.S. though.  We are sitting by watching five-year-olds walk around in heels while shorts and dresses get shorter everyday and the fashions of those under 10 resemble those of their mothers.   Have you tried to buy your four or five-year old daughter some shoes lately?  Right!  They don’t exist!   And when you get lucky enough to find them a pair of shoes, the shoes and/or boots look like you should be buying them for yourself, not a five-year-old.

Let’s read here carefully Americans!  We need to see what it takes to have the fashions for our children changed TOMORROW!

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