Don’t Pee At Night Using Lights Cause Cancer?

Medical research has officially leapt up the insanity charts in the race for the cure to the Big C.  The endless research hours must be overwhelming for scientists when they feel their last resort or feasible experimenting procedure is to flash a light on a mouse when he pees at night to come up with a conclusion of how people contract Cancer.  Thats just so far fetched it’s unimaginable that they actually put that in a report to be repeated by mass media.

Researchers in the UK and Israel have concluded that when using the bathroom at night it throws off the internal  when you turn the light on.  It makes the mind believe it is morning and causes an “over expression” of cells that are linked to developing cancer cells.  I’m sorry, I have to go with Michael Baisden on this one.  What kind of fraggle nackle bull shizzle are we dealing with here?  And how does the mind believing that the time is morning have anything to do with cancer?  Somebody gots some more ‘splainin’ to do Lucy!

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