Steven Seagal Sued for Sexually Assaulting Assistants?

Steven Seagal has gotten off the karate and on the chicks.  He’s possibly eating someone right now…with as fat as he has gotten.  He hasn’t really been in any kick ass movies lately, so why he needs assistants is the first give away that he is using them for assistance.  He lost an executive assistant and hired someone new who really wasn’t a fit for the position, no pun intended.

According to TMZ, Kayden Nguyen, 23, a former model, showed up to shuffle papers and take dictation and well, she was partly correct on her assumption of what she would be doing.  But, when he started groping her and forcibly pushing his hands down her pants, she knew she was in the wrong place.

But isn’t it fishy that she would choose to sue him over pressing charges against him?  I guess there’s no money in a conviction, so this is the lucrative route to getting justice.  Maybe she figured if he can have women on the payroll just to “satisfy” him, then he can afford to pay her.

Read the nasty little details about him here.

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