Spanking Your Child Produces A Bully?

Parents!  There is a real problem with beating the butts of your 3-year old children.  You are making them into aggressive, bullying, five-year olds that will come to kindergarten looking for a fight.  National Public Radio reported that the journal Pediatrics noted in a recent study that three year olds that are subjected to corporal punishment or spankings more than twice a month are likely to turn into aggressive children two years later.

Well, the bible says that two years later I should find Bobby and beat his ass again just so we keep some consistency in our program and he’s clear about where I want him to go in life.  An aggressive world calls for aggressive children.  They don’t ask your children when they turn them out of college if they want the job.  No! They ask them to come and get it!  Hey!  It’s rough, but that’s the world we live in.

When it comes to three-year olds, you may not wanna rough them up much, but like Bernie Mac used to say, if they old enough to talk back, they’re old enough to get…………….Well you know what he said.  But, seriously, this controversy has consumed parents and experts in child psychology for decades.  The report sees spanking as a quick fix because they believe that the same behavior will rear its ugly head again.  The report also states that children become immune to it and then what? (go back to the second paragraph)

Read here if you are looking to laugh at the report or learn something from it.

6 thoughts on “Spanking Your Child Produces A Bully?”

  1. Spare the rod, spoil the child… raised one (now 19) w/o turning him in to a bully or an aggressor, and doin’ just fine w/ #2 (now 11)… the article was laughable…

  2. It depends on the child and the situation and the WAY you do it. I mean if you beat your child with everything in the freakin’ house & then brag about it, then i yea I can see how this would be true. Nothing wrong w/discipline but, have some control. Shoes, belts, whips, tree branches, combs, brushes, wet towels,cords, kitchen appliances etc., is just plain IGNORANT!!!!!!

  3. With my 4 year old niece just the treat of getting popped is enough for her. She seems to have learned her lesson when she was younger and got a tap on the legs with that “blue comb” She is far from a bully. As a matter of fact I wish she would be a little more aggressive with some of these bad ass kids she has to deal with.

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    I hope this was being sarcastic because, otherwise, it shows that the poster didn’t even bother to read the report. Note: the report defines ‘aggressive behavior’ as arguing or screaming; cruelty, bullying or meanness to others; destroying things; fighting and frequently threatening others.

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