Someone Wants Blacks Out of the Store…Again?

The Huffington Post is reporting that yet another prankster has got on the mic and told all of the black people in a northern New Jersey Whole Foods town to get out of the store.  They have figured out with the last incident what to do for those who want to play with the store microphone.  The person in question was a young girl, age 14, whose name wasn’t revealed because of her age. 

The system in the store wasn’t just left available to these young people.  No way!  They seized an opportunity to catch both of these businesses with their pants down. They didn’t realize that they would be ruining the reputation of two multi-billion dolllar grocery and retail behemoths that could’ve been brought to a screeching halt.  They were both one NAACP call away from a nationwide boycott before they found out who did it.

Read here for more details on the fiasco.

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