Jaheim Arrested On Possible Drug Charges

Jaheim has had a little run in with the law …again.  He was speeding and hanging out the window yelling racial slurs at Jews and throwing bottles out the passenger window.  Oops! that was Mel Gibson a few years ago.  But anyway, according to Boombox.com, he did get pulled over at 30 mph over the speed limit when he had a little back and forth with the officers about them searching his vehicle.

When they walked up to his car smoke flew out the window and they thought it was Busta Rhymes.  No, just kidding.  They said they smelled a “strong odor of marijuana.”  He was in his hometown of  Hillsborough, NJ, on March 28, when it happened.  The charges he’s facing are “speeding and marijuana possession.”

Read more details here on the arrest.

5 thoughts on “Jaheim Arrested On Possible Drug Charges”

  1. LOL, real funny, Leave Jah alone! Lot of u-all out there doing the same thing just haven’t got caught. They r making a big deal cuz this brother is a celebrity and is getting paid! Jah (baby) make better choices u know they want some of that money!

    real talk

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