Sex Predator Island?

Well, this damn sure isn’t the island where Gilligan and them shipwrecked.  This is the island of no return that everyone is hopefully happy exists.  The worst sex predators in Washington state have their own island where they go when they leave prison.  Yes! I said, when they leave prison, they go to infinite confinement on an island.  Nice.

BUT!  Sex crimes against children are the worst crime there is and the death penalty would be another way to go.  I’m just saying, taxpayers would probably really appreciate keeping that $165,000 per resident that this mental health facility for level 3 sexual predators uses, according to  It’s Dr. Carey Sturgeon, the clinical director for McNeil Island’s special treatment program that disagrees.  He believes that anyone can change and with the right amount of treatment, sex predators too.

Lisa Ling went on the inside for Oprah on a recent show and she, nor any other journalist, really has the stomach for what you will hear from these completely ill individuals.  The place only has one woman, Laura, who used to molest her daycare children and infants.  Makes you cringe just from that information alone right?  To Ling’s dismay, the pedophiles make up “about 60 percent” of the population of So again I pose this question to Dr. Sturgeon, why go any further into detail without perusing the thought of the death penalty?  I’m sure Dr. Sturgeon cannot answer this one for me.   He believes in them.

If you can handle it, read the details of McNeil Island here.

-J.C. Brooks

10 thoughts on “Sex Predator Island?”

  1. wow… that article was scary. It’s sick to think of these people molesting HUNDREDS of children! I agree with the death penalty option. Or buy a MUCH larger island, like say, near Fiji and give them a one way ticket, a survivial kit, and a parachute.

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