T. Pain Is a Conservative Sean Hannity Fan? (Video)

Wow!  Who would’ve thought that T. Pain, hip hop’s producer extraordinaire, was a conservative.  Not only a conservative, but a Sean Hannity fan.  Who is clearly a racist on his good days, a klansmen on his bad days (yet to be proven).  Sean Hannity is CONSISTENTLY against anything that is President Obama.

T. Pain comes off like he’s a little unfamiliar with Sean Hannity.  Maybe he just ran into Sean Hannity at some event?  NOPE!  He lets everyone know that the wife is at home taping him when he’s not there to watch him.  For shame, T. Pain, For shame!    Then to top off this shocking side show, he allows Hannity to treat him like a little boy on camera.  Say this, “Conservative victory 20 10.” And he comes right back with it just like Hannity shows him.

I don’t know T. Pain.  This video being circulated on the Internet may get your ghetto pass not only revoked, but completely washed off the books.   Check T. Pain out here with his main homie.  Nope! not Lil Wayne…SEAN HANNITY!

-J.C. Brooks

9 thoughts on “T. Pain Is a Conservative Sean Hannity Fan? (Video)”

  1. Mediatakeout
    @fay, travel agent, diesel pro, realroxanne, prissy3, 6tynine, dagreat1, sexytranny

    I agree with you guys 100000000000%

    @ROYALGIRL- white boy don’t try to fool us just b/c you have a black girls pic we still know ur a white guy behind a computer!!!

    @NJROLLER02–GTFOH Sore Loser- just vote next time bitch—don’t come on here spreading that dumb rebublican bullshyt take that to Bossip or FoxNews- see I luv when u white folks come on black blogs trying to keep an eye on what we r doing–EPIC FAIL!!!! And yeah u need to go back to work since taxes do need to be paid givin that ur probably a white boy w/ a GED that got the job when that black woman beside you is the one really doing all the work and ur making more than her ,the whole while the black man with the degree couldn’t even get an interview!!

    @rnelson— ur just NJROLLNOTHING02 with a different name so the above applies to u as well

    @kattdaddy2—-white boy behind the keys again, we know thats what you think all black men are- PIMPS hence the reason u thought it would be cool yet disguising to use that username–GET A LIFE!!!

    T- Pain in the ass is a coon, uncle Tom, house nigga and I hate black people like that as they are the reason we as a race always loose out- they say we don’t stick together! He is from Florida and calls himself Nappy Boi (boy) and is married to a white girl- oh the self hatred with him goes deep and he needs counseling! He just ended what little career he thought he had and hopefully he wont be able to buy another BIG ASS CHAIN to put around that swollen narcisstic neck!!! I never bought his crap and never will! I hope all black producers and artist stop working with this coon. Black people don’t buy this sell outs records! And all radio stations stop playing his shyt!!!

  2. You people saying nigga this and white man that are ignorant, hypocritical, racist pigs who should be exiled out of this country. Why did my friends brother graduate 2nd in his class from high school, first in his class at Washington University in St. Louis(think Ivy League admissions standards), only to be put on a waiting list for their medical school while a black kid with lower GPAs, lower MCAT scores, and obviously a lower class rank gets in in front of him(both went to the same undergrad school). Don’t complain. You should be thankful for the lower standards…if they would have dissolved by now as originally intended by Afirmatve Action policies and not burdened the majority of a race by doing the opposite of what was planned and creating dependency from a lack of coupling the plan with (basic) complimentary life skills. I know of many corporations that offer internships to college students, generally starting after your sophomore year of college, if you are lucky. However, some very select students do ge offered internships after their freshman year(no time to truely prove oneself, nor have most taken classes pertinent to the nature of the work for which the individual is trying to secure in the future by interning now). The ONLY students to get this internship, at least as witnessed over these past four years, are black. This company has over 25,000 employees in the United States, and is an international company as well.

  3. Do you honestly think T-Pain really gives a damne about politics. He became a millionare before he turned 23. I’m guessing T-Pain does not have time to keep up with who’s with this party or that one. He has many artist on his record label and is always on the road. Get a Life and stop calling the man a “house nigga” and he is actually married to a woman of mixed race but why does that even matter. I guess you people hate, choose to do it because that was the fear that was engraved in you from birth. 2010 and i thought you knew!

  4. Why is it always wrong or racist for Republicans to be against Democrats, but whenever a Democrat gets mad at a Republican, it is fine? And why can’t a fellow black American be Conservative? What the hell is so wrong with freedom of speech and expression? Isn’t that what Liberals are all about… but yet they harp and grill Conservatives for speaking their minds? I know a lot of African American Republicans, who I know personally respect, and they are persecuted for not conforming to the Liberal agenda. It makes me sick. Liberals and Democrats, get your act together. I am a white, Catholic, male, Republican. Does that make me racist too?

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