Former NBA Star Filing Bankruptcy?

Derrick Coleman

Derrick Coleman played for the Nets, Sixers and Pistons during his 15-year career.  He was able to amass a fortune nearly $100 million dollars.  But now he has hit almost the absolute bottom of his fortune with bad investments he made in the revitalization of Detroit.  He’s trying to salvage a few things and hopefully keep his home.

Coleman is also looking to save his mother’s home that he bought for her in Beverly Hills.  It’s just terrible that he tried to put some of his hard-earned resources into Detroit and there was no return on the money.  He even owes money to former NBA player and Hall of Famer, Detroit’s mayor Dave Bing.  The intent was good, but maybe he should’ve talked with Magic Johnson first.

Read here for more details about this former NBA good guy.

5 thoughts on “Former NBA Star Filing Bankruptcy?”

  1. He was one of a few who loved Detroit and wanted to see the city and the people in the city do will. He was giving to the city and not taking form it.

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