Facebook Hacker Has Angry Mom Facing Charges

The mother of 16-year old Lane New is facing jail time for hacking into her son’s Facebook account and “perusing.”    But to be honest, her perusal didn’t stop there.  She started looking through it and found things that she did not like.  Most parents wouldn’t like it if they sat down and read their kids’ journals. 

But then she began to reply or “post” several things that were personal about her son, as well as say nasty things about people on his page.  When he found out, he ratted his mother out!  Immediately, the young man filed charges against his mother, Denise New, and she was charged with a misdemeanor charge of harassment.

He knew his mama was crazy.  That’s why he lives with his grandmother.  His mother is going to fight this thing, and she should have a good case.  When is this thing going to stop?  The government wants you to be a parent, but then strips you of all your rights the moment you do.  You can’t even breathe on them funny without them “divorcing” you and all that type of foolishness.

Read more here and let us know what you would do if you saw your child’s Facebook page full of lies and/or misrepresntation, nudity and profanity.  What would you do?  Now don’t say anything that we’re going to have to report you to the authorities about!

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