Man Kills Boyscout Leader After 20 Years Sexual Abuse (Video)

Aaron Vargas, 32, shot and killed boyscout leader Darrell McNeill because of sexual abuse.

Fort Bragg, Ca., is rallying behind a man, Aaron Vargas, 32, who has been held in custody since February 2009, for the shooting death of 63-year old Darrell McNeill.  According to NBC’s Today show, McNeill was Vargas’ former boyscout leader who took him fishing in Oregon when he was 11, and began sexually assaulting him.

Since that time, Vargas life changed and he became completely withdrawn and noticeably opposite to his former outgoing self, according to his sister Mindy Galliani, who was interviewed by Meredith Viera about her brother’s case.  Galliani said that once Aaron was engaged and had a child, McNeill was still stalking him and had offered to baby-sit his infant daughter.  That had to have been his breaking point because not long after he went to McNeill’s trailer and briefly spoke with him, then shot him.

After McNeill was killed, 12 others came forward to say that he had molested them as well.  Some of them made reports about the abuse years ago and got nowhere.  Galliani felt that McNeill had some kind of psychological hold over her brother that made him into a child when he was around him.  He was imprisoned for years in the abuse that McNeill inflicted upon him.  No justice system in America could enforce the 50 year sentence that was initially discussed. 

The community has come out to support Vargas in full force and now it appears that he may get time served.  The twist in the story is that McNeill’s widow said that she thought her husband may have had a “secret life.”  Her and the rest of the family have asked for leniency in the case. 

It is my sincere hope that with the high profile of this child molestion/abuse case that federal laws against child predators will be more diligently scrutinized for their leniency and that the death penalty be enacted for those who touch a child.  Otherwise, more of these cases will begin to crop up.  They don’t want to refer to Aaron Vargas as a vigilante, but what’s wrong with that?  As far as him and the 12 others that have been living in hell are concerned, he did the world a huge favor.

-J.C. Brooks

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5 thoughts on “Man Kills Boyscout Leader After 20 Years Sexual Abuse (Video)”

  1. I agree. I think we need more heros like Vargas to get rid of low life scum like this. If this bastard takes it in the ass, then he need to go after his kind that share his passion. Leave the children alone. Burn in hell for all eternity!!!! Way to go Vargas, hats off to ya dude.

  2. I’m gay and I support Aaron’s cause, although I think he should have gone to cops instead of killing Darell. I hate gay pedophiles coz they distort the adult gay reputation and make us all look like child rapists.

    @Kito: Darrel was a PEDOPHILE. He liked children! He’s not gay because adult men were not sexy to him, thus he only chased underage boys. Yes, I condemn Darell as well.

  3. He did the only thing he thought he could do to stop that predator. Thank you to him for what he did, and thank you to his sister Mindy Galliani for speaking out on behalf of her brother.

  4. Vargas is a victim, and his molester certainly needed to be dealt with harshly, but quit calling him a hero. The dude needs serious professional help and time away from the rest of us until he can show that the damage done to his psyche, which his family loudly admitted had occurred, has been reversed.

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