Taiwan Has Come Up With Their Own Whitney Houston (Video)

Lin Yu Chun on Super Star Avenue.

Taiwan has a show, similar to American Idol, but more of a talent show called “Super Star Avenue.”  And on that show, they have all kinds of talent.  Well, you will be blown away with this young man, Lin Yu Chun, when he rips his rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”  If you really want a treat and to be transported back to the days of Whitney’s glory days, close your eyes when you listen to him.

You will swear you are listening to Whitney Houston!  He needs to watch his back.  Clive Davis may come poppin’ out of the bushes on him to try and work with him.  To the parents of this child, Keep your child away from Clive!  If you see him coming, run!  Because Whitney isn’t doing too good on her European tour and they may need Chun to sing backup, so they can pull off some Milli Vanilli type stuff.

Chun did end up winning the show’s million dollar prize.  Listen here so you can see why!


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