KFC Doubles Up Chicken on New ‘Double Down’ (Video)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (now branded as KFC) is getting the big guns out to tear out your heart and get you ready for dialysis.  Just kidding!  They have pulled out all the stops to find you the perfect chicken sandwich that will be as satisfying as you can find.  They made sure that there would be nothing short of a party going on in this sandwich.

They got rid of the bread and stacked it with cheese and bacon and everything that would make  your doctor jump for joy.  While it is great on comfort it is horrible on healthy.  There’s some big numbers between those slabs of chicken breast.  The grilled version has “only” 460 calories and 23 grams of fat, while the original recipe version has 540 calories and 32 grams of fat.   You don’t want to know how much sodium is in it.  There’s enough to get and keep your “pressure” up for a week.

Check out the commercial.  Here’s more detail and background on the sandwich from the Huffington Post.

The commercial is funny stuff:

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