Kimora Gives In on Airbrushing Criticism

Kimora Lee Simmons is so over the top that everyone in her camp are used to her and are able to keep everything revolving around her even though she’s a nut case.  But, her crew is good and probably clued her in to the fact that people were going to notice  that on her latest ad campaign she seemed just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle smaller.

The ad for her perfume “Dare Me” is in major magazines and papers alike.  I happened to run across one in a magazine and I couldn’t help staring at her picture.  I thought, “Wow! she’s really trimmed down since having that baby last year!”  Then, I thought, who are you foolin’…look a little closer at that photo to see if it’s been altered.

But before I could finish my detective work, she blurted out on Twitter that she had been indeed under the photogaphy software magic getting as small as she possibly could.  Check out the photos and story here.

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