Burger King Under Fire Over ‘Crazy’ Ads

This is taking things way too far when you can’t even have the king running around throwing things without that being offensive to the entire mental health community?  Come on!  Do you know how many ads you’re going to have to pull because someone is doing something less than “normal” in the commercial.

The King is running around the office trying to get to one woman who appareciates a good Angus Burger from Burger King.  She immediately lets them iknow that they’re the one’s crazy.  Amen sister!  Because snatching these ads for this screams MCDONALDS SPY and take down.  McDonald’s is upset and wants revenge.  They’re under pressure because Burger King is consistently whoopin their butt in price and food.  Their whoppers put the Big Mac and Quarter Pound to shame any day.  Read more about the reason why they are snatching ads here.

Check out the ad that is being pulled because of their complaint:

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