Infamous Howard Stern Fan Pranks Live on Foxx

There’s a beef goin’ down between Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern.  We reported on March 10, ridiculous comments Howard Stern made about Precious star Gabourey Sidibe.  Well, it appears that we weren’t the only ones upset about it.  Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole show on Sirius satellite radio came back strong …stronger than we ever could here.His showmates went in on Stern’s sidekick, Robin Quivers, first.  They talked about how much she had in common with the Precious character with her father sexually molesting her and how she “used to be black” too.  Foxx came in saying that he hopes that this beef gets both of them “hot” because Stern’s show had fallen off over the years. They went hard…to say the least.

Ok, now that you have the back story, fast forward to Fox news.  They were reporting on the miners that are trapped in West Virginia when they stopped to take a call from an expert on the scene that could give more info about what was happening with the miners.  Imagine their embarrassment when it was the infamous Howard Stern fan and joker, Captain Janks, weighing in on Jamie Foxx:

Check out Jamie and the Foxxhole:

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