Ron Artest Gets Reality Show?!

Ron Artest

Ron Artest, made most famous for a brawl in the stand with fans during a Pistons gamed, has agreed to do a reality show to clear his name.  Everybody knows the show is just a way for him to show that he is not crazy in real life.  By the way, the name of the show is, “They Call Me Crazy.”  His only reason for allowing cameras in his life has gotta be that he wants to tweek the image a little bit.

It appears that if you’ve had some problems you can get a reality show as a part of the new and improved image consultant route to fulfilling your every salary cap dream.  Because once the public likes you again, the endorsements are right behind them picking you up again.  Ask T.O., T.I., Lil’ Kim, DMX, or Michael Vick.  They’ll tell you!

Tiger Woods will be next to have a show.  But, of course, the dust has to settle on all of his hookers before they can get started. 

Read more on the Artest show here.

2 thoughts on “Ron Artest Gets Reality Show?!”

  1. Didn’t this dude re-name himself “World Peace?” If he’s the one, I hate his attitude which is worst than any ghetto person. Him and and another basketball player sucker-punched 2 other players from opposing teams b/c the Lakers was gonna lose the Championship. Those two boys are cowardly, spoiled brats who can’t take losing. Wonder how long it’ll be before we see how crazy he really is.

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