Retailer Stores Close Under Pressure

The recession is no joke!   The recession is still claiming victims.  There’s a list of retailers that we frequent that appear to be slooowwwwly planning a closing.  But until that magical moment we will share the list of retailers that are closing SOME of their doors.  They are actually planning to save themselves with this massive cut of stores.

It appears that those that are closing are trying to hold on to the store chain, but some of the stores are cutting so many stores you wonder when they’ll be giving their farewell speech and talking about what a great run they had.  Now don’t be alarmed when you see some of your favorites on the list liiiiiiiiiiike:  Macy’s, Foot Locker, Home Depot, Blockbuser and the list goes on.

And some of the cuts are deep.  For instance, Blockbuster is closing  500 to 545 underperforming stores in 2010. And of the 545, they’ve already mowed through 253 stores.  But in addition to the 545, they are already mulling over ANOTHER 150 stores to close.   I think it’s safe to say, “Farewell Blockbuster.”

Read the rest of the list here.

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