Man Finds BILLIONS…in His Bank Account!

Sun Trust Bank is the bank to join!  They are giving out billions over there.  Well, not really, but it sounds so nice doesn’t it?  A bank giving you some money for a change…yeah!  But, the concessionaire, Paul Fischer, can at least say he was a billionaire once.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Fischer was at the ATM to get a little pocket change.  But of course, like anyone else, he had to check that balance first.  Well when he did, there was a little more in his account than he expected.  There was $88,888,888,888.88, more than he expected.

He checked the account on Friday, Sun Trust, by Saturday (a mere 5 hours later) had cleared up their mistake.  He brought it to the attention of one of the bank personnel and they immediately got on the case.  It must’ve been nice to be filthy rich for a few hours.  He even tried to make a smart money move with the money before he gave it up.  But, to no avail, they gave him the gas face and snatched it back.

Read more of the details here.

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