Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum Festivities to be Co-Hosted by Vivica Fox

In case you don’t know, there is a Hip Hop Hall of Fame that we may have forgotten about.  The HHHOF Award show hasn’t aired since the 90s on BET.  According to PR Newsire, “This will be the first broadcast of the HHHOF Awards since airing in national syndication, and on the MTV/Viacom owned BET Cable Network in the 90’s! The first show inducted Run DMC with Jam Master Jay, Hip Hop Founder and God-Father DJ Kool Herc, GrandMaster Flash, and Kool DJ Red Alert to name a few.”
Most recently, we have been watching VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, which pays homage to the architects of Hip Hop.  Last year’s show honored Def Jam and its 25-year long legacy that single handedly put the genre (now culture) on the map.  But, the HHHOF will make its comeback with the sultry, multi-talented actress, Ms. Vivica A. Fox.  Since late last year, she was able to mend fences with former boyfriend 50 Cent, when he offered her a spot in his video “Do You Think About Me.”  Her affiliation with the rapper must’ve given her enough “street cred” in the industry to become a welcomed addition to the show’s format.

The show will air in June and is in support of the new Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex to be located in Manhattan.  According to PR Newswire, the complex will include a  retail store, restaurant, concert lounge stage, TV studios, live events and TV shows.  The venture will provide nearly 300 new jobs and  internships, outreach programs for youth and families and an economic forecast of over $400 Million over 5 years.

Read more about the museum and show here.

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